Monday, January 17, 2011

Sweet notes

A few weeks ago I gave Jack a notepad and pen that I got at a hotel we stayed at recently. I told him that we could use them to write notes back and forth to each other. He was ecstatic with this idea and quickly ran away already thinking of what to write first. Later that night, his ear to ear grin could not mask his joy in writing Derek and I each a secret note left on each of our nightstands. I know this might not mean as much to anyone else, but this note melted my heart and brought me to tears. Even in his limited writing ability he conveyed to me such a sweet message. Derek's was similar with another little note attached to it "so he would know who it was from."

Another night I received another note on my nightstand.
(side note: here he said he was practicing connecting all of the letters in his name together)

Fast forward to last night. I received another sweet note. His signature M.
Derek received another kind of note.

(When asked, Jack said he started writing the A for Dad, but then decided against it. Derek said he wouldn't be surprised if this wasn't the last note written like this to him!)
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the rutledge's- said...

Ha ha. What a little cutie.

Rosanne Boyd said...

That is too funny! He can write his letters really well!