Saturday, February 25, 2012

always be my baby

A hug and a snuggle followed by "Mom, I don't want to go to Kindergarten next year. I want to stay here with you all day, everyday." This was followed by a story about the latest goldfish chasers on the playground, or was it unicorns today, or maybe it was vanilla wafer stealers (all versions of boys chase girls), and the light was hitting him just so. And I thought, this is it, tomorrow he will be 15 telling me he doesn't ever want to talk to me again. For now, I will just sit and listen to him as long as he wants to talk.
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Maria said...

Ahhh this totally made me cry! I know what you mean, I feel the same way about Isaac. There's something about those firstborn boys. He looks so cute in this pic. Already miss him!

JDS said...

Such a cute little boy...all around! Glad for the update!

thepainterfamily said...

I love these so much, they honestly make my heart hurt.

He's adorable. 5 is really adorable. You froze a beautiful moment.
These are a treasure.

dixonfamily said...

I love this!! What a beautiful moment in time to look back on. Jack is a honey!!

Grandma L said...

You captured that personality perfectly!